Hiking in the Harz Mountains

The recreational sport

Hiking in the Harz Mountains is particularly popular with all age groups thanks to versatile hiking routes with different levels of difficulty.
The Harz Mountains offer everything for a perfect hiking experience.  

The Harz Mountains are one of the most popular hiking regions in Germany because...

  • hiking is a recreational sport for any age group, keeps fit and is healthy for body and mind

  • the well-developed and signposted network of trails in the Harz Mountains offers a wide range of hiking routes with different levels from leisurely to sporty. There are also many circular hiking trails that can also be explored in individual stages

  • many routes are also suitable for a short vacation or for those who have only a weekend to spare

  • in addition to general information, the information centers of the National Park also have exhibitions on various key topics, which get people in the mood for hiking and the region.

  • the Harz with its mountain landscapes, forests and moors has its own special charm in every season.

  • the Harzer Wandernadel strengthens the sporting spirit: collect stamps and obtain the Harzer Wandernadel. The many different tours to the stamp sites are also suitable for inexperienced hikers and families with children.

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Explore adventurous hiking trails in the Harz Mountains:

Blankenburg - Langenstein with cave dwellings
Blick von der Burg Regenstein

(length 13 or 26 km / duration about 3 or 6 hours)

You start directly at the Schlosshotel Blankenburg and leave the town via the Weinbergstraße (through the underpass) in northern direction to the castle and fortress Regenstein. In the open-air museum you can learn about the history of the historic walls. Continue in the direction of Langenstein. The destination is the cave dwellings Langenstein at the Schäferberg, which were built due to extreme housing shortage. Some of the rock caves were used as regular housing until the 20th century. The cave dwellings can be visited by appointment.

After a small refreshment in one of the nice cafes, you can start the way back to Blankenburg.

Bodetal Kniffel Stieg
Blick auf das Bodetal

(Länge ca. 10 km / Dauer ca. 3-4 Std.)

For families with children, the Bodetal Kniffel-Stieg is particularly suitable for a day trip. Along the Bode at Wendefurth the Stieg leads via Altenbrak to Treseburg (about 10 kilometers). Alternatively, you can also park your car in Altenbrak and hike in one of the two directions (about 5 km each).

At the tourist information in Altenbrak there is a map and a questionnaire for the little hikers. The questions can be answered on knowledge boards along the route. Those who answer all the questions correctly can even look forward to a small surprise.

Eckerlochstieg from Schierke
Ausblick über den Harz

(length 14 km / duration: approx. 5 hrs.)

The legendary Brocken, with its 1,141 meters the highest peak in the Harz, can also be hiked on exciting trails. The journey there or back is a special experience with the Brockenbahn. A popular hiking trail to the "Blocksberg" is the 14 kilometer long Eckerlochstieg. From Schierke you hike through the Harz National Park via the Eckerloch up to the top of the mountain and back via the Kabelgraben. Schierke is about 45 minutes away from Blankenburg by car. You can find a parking lot for example "Am Thälchen" in the Brockenstraße. The starting point in Schierke can also be reached by public transport (HEX HarzElbeExpress and from Werningerode further with the Harzer Schmalspurbahn).

Harz Witches' Trail
Harzköhlerei Hasselfelde

(section Köhlerpfad length: 24 km / duration 5.5 hours)

The predicate hiking trail from Osterode over the Brocken to Thale was awarded as a quality trail by the German Hiking Association. We recommend the Köhlerpfad stage (Königshütte - Rappbode dam - Trageburg ruin - Großes Mühlental - Hassel pre-dam - Hagenmühle - Hasselfelde - Köhler nature trail - Stemberghaus / Köhlereimuseum - Altenbrak).

The journey to the start and end point of the Köhlerpfad is possible by car (approx. 20-30 minutes driving time from Schlosshotel Blankenburg) Alternatively, the start point Königshütte as well as the destination Altenbrak can be reached by public transport, so you can easily take the bus from / to Blankenburg.

Mill hiking trail from Michalestein Monastery

(length 10,5 km / duration approx. 4 hrs.)

WIf you want to leave the car at the hotel, you can hike quite comfortably to the monastery. It is less than 5 km from the Schlosshotel Blankenburg to the monastery Michaelstein at the Goldbach, where the path begins. Along the fish ponds and past the Mönchemühle, the Birkentalmühle, the Goldbacher Mühle and the Regensteinsmühle you hike to the legendary rock castle Regenstein. Here you will enjoy a first-class view of the Brocken on one side and the northern Harz foreland on the other.

Monastery hiking trail
Kloster Michaelstein

(Length: 13 km / duration about 3 hours)

Officially the hiking trail starts in Thale and leads you to the city center of Goslar (total length 84 km). We recommend our guests to join the monastery hiking trail from Blankenburg. For example, hike from Schlosshotel Blankenburg in the direction of Michaelstein Monastery and St. Bartholomew's Mountain Church Blankenburg on to Wendhausen Monastery in Thale (official starting and ending point of the monastery hiking trail). The second variant starts in Werningerode at Himmelpforten Monastery and takes you via Michaelstein Monastery back to Blankenburg.

Selketal trail

(5th stage from Gernrode / length: 14 km / duration: 4 hours)

We recommend the 5th stage of the Selketal trail (Gernrode - Bad Suderode - Quarmbeck - Quedlinburg) with a length of 14 kilometers. On one of the most beautiful routes through the Lower Harz, it goes along Falkenstein Castle from Stiege via Gernrode and Alexisbad to the UNESCO World Heritage town of Quedlinburg. Here you can also use the historic Selketalbahn for parts of the way or the return journey.

Gernrode can be reached from the hotel by car in 20 minutes. The historic Selketalbahn (train) runs between Gernrode and Quedlingburg, so you can easily return to the parking lot by train. Alternatively, a journey by bus to Gernrode is possible. From Quedlingburg, the HEX HarzElbeExpress will also take you back to Blankenburg.

Devil's Wall

(Length 7 km / duration approx. 2 hrs,. circular hike, can be extended).

Not far from the Schlosshotel Blankenburg lies the so-called Devil's Wall - an approximately 20 km long sandstone formation that stretches from Ballenstedt to Blankenburg. The legends and myths of the wall have even been mentioned by the Brothers Grimm in their tales. It has also served as a backdrop for films such as "The Pope Joan" and "The Medicus". The striking Grandfather Rock is the landmark of Blankenburg and stretches almost 320 m above sea level into the air. Enjoy the wonderful view of the town and the Harz foothills at sunset. The hike can be continued to the Sautrog or to the Gewittergrotte in the direction of Timmerrode. The way back leads along a pleasant forest path via the Helsunger Krug, a popular excursion restaurant with beer garden.

From Thale to the Hexentanzplatz (Witches' Dance Site)

(length 7 km / duration about 3 hrs.)

Romantic Bodetal hike and steep rock hike at the same time. Parking is available at the free parking lots in Thale (parking lot cable cars: Parkstraße 1 and, parking lot Rosstrappe: Rosstrappe 1).

On the 7-kilometer route from the valley station in Thale, you will hike next to the rippling Bode River in the forest along the Goethe Rock and the Jungfern Bridge below the Rosstrappe up to the La-Vieres-Höhe. Passing the Hexentanzplatz (witches' dancing place), you will descend again to Thale via the serpentine Sachsenwallweg. An ascent with the chairlift to the Rosstrappe is a special experience and also allows stunning views here. By car you can reach the starting point from Blankenburg in about 15 minutes. You can also easily get to Thale from Blankenburg with the HEX HarzElbeExpress.

We are here for you and offer the following hiker-friendly service:

  • Hiking offers for your all-round carefree vacation - Fit & Active offerse

  • balanced lunch packages for your day tour
  • Tips for stopping during the hike
  • Hiking map material with route suggestions and insider tips
  • Contact to local hiking guides
  • Cleaning options for your hiking boots
  • Timetables of public transport
  • Information about the most beautiful sights and places of excursions
  • current weather information
  • Tips for alternatives in case of unfavorable weather conditions
We are awarded the "Wanderbares Deutschland" quality seal

Since June 2013, the Schlosshotel Blankenburg is one of the quality hosts "Wanderbares Deutschland". This seal was created by the German Hiking Association. The German Hiking Association ensures quality in hiking. Among other things, it issues guidelines for marking hiking trails, offers specialist conferences, trains hiking guides and has created objective quality criteria for hiking tourism offers with "Wanderbares Deutschland". Wanderbares Deutschland includes both quality hiking trails and quality hosts. As a quality host, we make a special promise of quality to the target group of our hiking guests.

Harz Wandernadel - The popular award for hikers

Hiking is one of the most popular leisure sports. Diligent hikers receive the Harzer Wandernadel by collecting stamps along the hiking trails.

In 2005, the successful project "Harzer Wandernadel" was launched and connects in a unique way the three federal states of Saxony-Anhalt, Lower Saxony and Thuringia, which belong to the Harz region.

Equipped with the hiking pass of the Harzer Wandernadel are 222 places in the entire Harz, where the hiker can press a stamp in the pass. The stamp boxes can be found at the most beautiful and eventful places in the Harz. Thus they are led to well-known tourist magnets like the Brocken, the Rosstrappe in Thale and to the Rammelsberg in Goslar. But the 222 stamp sites also include romantic forest inns, rustic refuges, castle ruins and natural monuments. Many hikers say that they would never have come to these places in the Harz without the Harzer Wandernadel.

Hikers are rewarded - in addition to the experience of hiking in the Harz Mountains - by achieving certain hiking badges. The hiking pin in bronze, silver and gold are the badges for 8, 16 and 24 achieved stamps, followed by the Harzer Wanderkönig with 50 stamps.

If you have hiked all 222 stamps in the Harz, you can call yourself "Harzer Wanderkaiser" ((Harz hiking emperor). Since 2005, the Harzer Wandernadel has so far recorded 4876 "Wanderkaiser".

By the way, collecting is not time-bound and can also last for years. Of course, there are also hiking emperors who have already collected all the stamps several times - up to 20 times. The "turbo hiking emperor" stamped his hiking passport in 21 days. This required precise route planning.

If you want to take it a little easier, you can also define your routes to the stamp sites during a hiking vacation. Together with a special map set, where all the stamp sites are noted, the planning of the next tour is already exciting. The tours to the individual stamping points differ in length, difficulty and altitude, so that both families with children (badge for hiking prince and princesses) but also seniors and ambitious hikers can soon pin a Harzer Wandernadel.

Over the years, the project has been developed further and further and so additional themed needles such as "Goethe in the Harz", "Harzer Grenzweg" or "Harzer-Hexen-Stieg" can be reached. And since the Harz has other beautiful places to offer, there are also so-called special stamps in addition to the "Wandering Stamp Boxes", which are only in a certain place for two months. These can be found, for example, at the Bad Harzburg treetop path, at the longest suspension rope bridge at the Rappbode dam or at the glass manufactory in Derenburg.

All necessary materials for hiking with the "Harzer Wandernadel" are available at the service office in Blankenburg, but also at all participating tourist information offices.

And by the way - in the digital age there is of course "Harzer Wandernadel" app with many interesting possibilities.

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Abzeichen Harzer Wandernadel
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