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GreenSign certified

This confirmed to us that we meet the requirements of sustainable management to a high degree.
GreenSign Zertifikat

Level 4 out of 5 for our sustainability

Environmental and climate protection, biodiversity and social justice are the major issues of our time. We are aware of our social and ecological responsibility and rely on a strictly certified ecological concept, on carefully selected partners and on a high qualitative standard.

Trans Alps Adventure

Sustainability certification
with GreenSign

GreenSign Nachhaltigkeitsbarometer

Our Schlosshotel Blankenburg has been awarded the GreenSign sustainability certification. During the hotel certification, all eight core areas for sustainable business were checked. We are proud to have achieved an outstanding result and to have been certified with GreenSign Hotel Level 4.

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The GreenSign Institute is the publisher of the GSTC-recognized sustainability certification. The more than 100 criteria of the test catalog were developed on the basis of internationally recognized frameworks for sustainability such as ISO 14001 (EMAS/Environmental Management), ISO 26000 (Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)) and the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC) for the hotel industry. The GreenSign Sustainability Barometer provides an overview of our hotel’s sustainability performance in each of the core areas of certification. We are constantly working to further optimize our sustainable actions in order to reach GreenSign Level 5 as soon as possible.

Energie sparen
Wasser sparen

Energy, Water & Waste

We have taken numerous measures to reduce our resource consumption and the amount of waste to a minimum.
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These include: LED’s & motion detectors / use of modern, energy-saving appliances / heat recovery / staff awareness / water-saving appliances with energy efficiency A+++ / rainwater/grey water use / economy shower heads / aerators / environmental management system / waste separation / zero-waste breakfast / in-house production of fruit spread / water filter system from BRITA / no portion packaging.

Hausgemachte Produkte
regional – saisonal – fair
We carefully check our suppliers and products for regionality, sustainability and freshness. Where possible, we also use BIO certified products.
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We produce many foods ourselves in-house. 90% of our supply partners come from the region. Our cleaning agents and the care and cosmetic products are sustainably certified. Our menu offers numerous vegetarian and vegan dishes. For fruits and vegetables, we pay attention to seasonality. Fairtrade products are also part of our repertoire. Our fish comes from organic or species-appropriate breeding with gentle fishing methods. We use up to 90% meat from organic or species-appropriate farming. We offer food suitable for allergy sufferers. We are a member of Greentable e.V.
Regionale Verbundenheit
Regionality & mobility
In the Harz region
The preservation of the nature of our region is close to our hearts. For this, we create synergies with local companies & promote e-mobility.
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We inform about the origin of the products on our menu. Regional specialties determine a large part of our food offer. Our guests can purchase regional/self-made products from us. We have our own herb garden. Almost all of our employees are from the region. We have two e-charging stations. We offer bike rental through a cooperation partner. We have our own lockable bicycle room. We focus on accessibility and accessibility for people with and without restrictions.
Kulturelles Erbe im Harz
Biodiversität im Harz
Biodiversity & Cultural Heritage
We take responsibility for the surrounding flora and fauna and do our part to protect and grow them.
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By our location in the middle of the Harz nature we are aware of our responsibility for nature and the environment. For example, we do without outdoor music and other disturbance of the surrounding nature. We have a bee hotel and do everything in our power to best adapt to our environment. In addition, we plant trees in our region.
Qualitätssiegel im Schlosshotel Blankenburg
Willkommen im Schlosshotel Blankenburg
Quality management
& sustainable development
Quality assurance is an essential part of our philosophy. Satisfied and motivated employees, regular guests and a trusting cooperation with all stakeholders are important to us.
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We document business processes and organizational structure in a Quality/Environmental Handbook. We have both a Quality and Sustainability Manager. We regularly conduct supplier evaluations based on the core criteria of quality, regional origin, and sustainable certification. We view sustainability as a continuous improvement process and conduct regular sustainability training. Our Green Team is responsible for advancing our sustainability efforts. We consistently measure guest satisfaction and take feedback seriously. We annually calculate our CO2 footprint and water footprint.
Mobile Kommunikation
Management & Communication
Sustainable Marketing
We document, evaluate and monitor our sustainability targets in a detailed environmental program. In addition, we promote awareness-raising for sustainable action.
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We have drawn up a mission statement (values & visions) for sustainable and responsible corporate governance and published it on our website. We have a sustainability program with prioritized fields of action, environmental aspects, associated objectives, measures and responsibilities. We report on our sustainability activities in all our media. We are also an educational site of the GreenSign Academy and promote further education on sustainability topics.

Ein wertvolles Miteinander
Engagement beim Baumpflanzen
Social responsibility
Social commitment and respectful interaction are essential for us. Strengthening the local community and creating an attractive employer brand have a high priority.
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Our hotel employees regularly receive further training and can actively contribute to the further development of sustainability. We have established a system with offers for company health management. In addition, there are numerous other benefits for our staff, including Family & Friends rates. We regularly support initiatives and projects in the spirit of sustainable development or to promote the local community (e.g. tree donations, Ewilpa, Blankenburg Castle, Blankenburg town)
Economic responsibility
Economic stability ensures our qualitative and quantitative growth. We stand for a great sense of responsibility to meet external expectations of guests, investors or media.
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The regular collection of relevant financial data of our castle hotel and the existence of a long-term investment plan affirm our profitability and job security. Our investment plan provides for a constant qualitative improvement, which takes into account economic, environmental and social aspects of sustainability.